''Haters were everywhere'' illustration behind our new slogan tshirt '' Haters were everywhere'' Medusa: '' what do you do when you have completely ruined your life?'' illustration behind our slogan shirt ''completely ruined your life''. Our spring collection is inspired by vintage fairy books and their beautiful illustrations. ''All boys re demons but I want one to fall in love with me'' Art behind our spring slogan shirt ''boys re demons''.Illustrator Alice Bloomfield had illustrated I Feel Horrible slogan tshirt, Lose me/Fucked up slogan tshirt and Die For Dior trousers.  Our tarot cards The Lovers, Death of Emotions #13 & The Moon Worshiper.Illustration of Go to Hell slogan t shirt and heart with 3 swords blouse, available to shop now.Alice Bloomfield illustration of the heart of 3 swords blouse and our love is gone embroidered trousers, both available to shop now.

Illustration of The Worshiper embroidered blouse and I feel horrible slogan t shirt,   available to shop now.

Illustration by Illustrator Alice Bloomfield for our Keep the Snakes Away Unless They Gucci slogan tshirt and All I Feel Is Love embroidered trousers, available to shop now

Illustration/artwork behind our Tiger in the Pink Lake Tshirt and No One Saves You slogan sweatshirt.

Illustration of Hi Haters, Artwork behind slogan shirt All of My Haters, will available this Jan, on the online store.

Cherubs Flower, art work behind our embroidered blouse cherubs flower and slogan sweater Floral Cherubs, both will be re stocked soon. Also our Floral/Cherubs I Phone case, available now on the online store.

Floral/Tiger Illustration behind our Floral/Tiger sweater will be available next month on the online store.

Illustration of Am Doin Me slogan t shirt & Tiger in the Pink Lake slogan t shirt, both are available shop now.

Skull Lost in The woods, Illustration behind for upcoming slogan t shirts and sweaters as well as Skull Lost in The woods I phone case that will be available next month on the online store.  

Ghosts taking a break, Illustration of Ghosts as they became our main obsession currently, you can shop now slogan t shirts featuring ghosts like Ain't no body fuckin w my Clique slogan t shirt, My Kink Is Being Right cropped slogan t shirt, You ll Wish You Did Me Different One Day slogan t shirt & To All Haters slogan t shirt.